A Gift for the “Master” Grillers!


Here is a great gift idea for grillers, or wannabe grillers of the house!  This basket is loaded with things that a griller of any skill level can appreciate.  First, a great griller needs great tools.  These bamboo tongs, fork, and silicone basting brush are a great start or a wonderful upgrade to the rusty set currently dangling from the side of the grill.  Weber’s Way to Grill is a wonderful cookbook filled with plenty of pictures to follow along with.  Gourmet House Steak Seasoning, available through Pride of Dakota or at www.gourmetseasoning.com,  is by far the best I have ever had….in fact, since discovering it, I rarely order a steak in a restaurant because I know that it will be better at home!  Don’t be shy with it and use plenty of fresh cracked black pepper.  (I included a pepper grinder in my basket)  The final addition to my gift basket was cedar papers.  These are available at Creative Kitchen in Fargo, ND and on Amazon.com and are a really fun alternative to the cedar planks because they allow to you steam and smoke your food at the same time!

The possibilities are endless…..Good luck, have fun with it and happy gifting!

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