Potato Stamp Valentine

Well, this isn’t exactly a recipe, but it does involve potatoes, so I figured I would share it with all of you!  For Valentine’s Day gifts this year, I decided we would get a little creative for the special people in our lives and make a lasting memory.  Using pre-wrapped canvas from our local craft store, basic acrylic paint, a couple potatoes, and a brush, we made our very own works of art!  I covered my counter top with plastic wrap and let my son have at it!  I painted the outline of the tree base to give him a head start, but he loved dipping the potatoes into the paint puddles and even had a blast painting the stamps themselves before we used them.  We used different shades of red and pink, but all colors would be fantastic!  Today, or as soon as our thick globs of paint dry, he will sign them with a paint pen and I will seal them in varnish for that extra special “artist” touch!